What We Do

An art appraisal may be desired or required for a variety of reasons, and we would be happy to hear your individual situation to best gauge the type of report needed. We specialize in appraisals for fine art ranging from traditional media such as painting, works on paper, and prints, to contemporary works and sculpture.

Insurance Appraisals

Individuals have great reason to assess the value of their items being insured in order to obtain adequate coverage. Additionally, art appraisals can be used in the case of damage to an item or during claim settlement. Whether you need a brand new appraisal, an update to an existing appraisal, or simply assistance inventorying and determining what you would like to insure, we are able to assist.

Additionally, Catherine Bassett is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker and worked in the Fine Art Insurance industry. She can assist with reviewing existing art insurance coverage or discussing options to obtain a new policy.

Charitable Contribution Appraisals

When donating to a charitable organization and then taking a deduction on your taxes, the IRS often requires a gift appraisal. Through training with the International Society of Appraisers and by adhering to USPAP standards, Catherine Bassett produces fully IRS compliant art appraisal reports. We will also assist with the requisite IRS Form 8283.

Estate Appraisals

Upon settlement, the IRS often requires an estate appraisal be submitted when filing the corresponding tax reports. Through training with the International Society of Appraisers and by adhering to USPAP Standards, Catherine Bassett produces fully IRS compliant art appraisal reports.

Equitable Distribution Appraisals

When it becomes necessary to divide property, whether as a planning measure or legally as in the case of divorce, an appraisal is an important tool. We are willing and able to provide the necessary appraisal report to assist with smooth distribution.

Fine Art Insurance Consulting

There are many ways to protect your fine art items, and as a licensed property and casualty broker, Catherine Bassett is able to discuss your personal situation and what type coverage or fine art insurance policy might be best for you.

Inventory Creation

If you simply need a single well-laid-out inventory that lists all of your fine art and valuables and their various details, we are able to assist with creating such a document.